Our story

In 1991, the founders of Whitewater Construction faced issues completing projects as store fixtures from manufacturers were not being delivered on time. To address this problem, they began crafting their own fixtures and in 1992, WC Cabinets was born. WC Cabinets expanded operations into a 20,000-square-foot manufacturing space while simultaneously running their thriving construction business.

In 1999, WC Cabinets became Fixturelogic, continuing to specialize in fixtures, displays, POP (Point of Purchase), and millwork/casework. Fixturelogic offers Design, Drafting, Fabrication, and Installation services, enabling clients to manage projects from start to finish with a single company.

In 2023, Fixturelogic and Whitewater Construction were purchased by King Retail Solutions. The new management team remains dedicated to upholding the same level of quality and service that the founder had established. Fixturelogic’s legacy of excellence carries on as the current leadership works towards a steady and promising future for the company.

over 30+ Years

Our Clients

We’ve had the honor to work with a large variety of clients across a range of industries during the last three decades. Let’s add your company to the list!